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The Qi Booster is a quick boost to move, clear and cultivate the Qi that has been depleted during your day. If you are in an intense emotional state and you can't get yourself into a rhythm of peace and clarity, this is powerful, quick and effective to do anytime and anywhere. Having an intention gives more power to what you are breathing for, where attention goes, energy flows.


The truth is, we're all creators.

We've just forgotten that. We've been told that we need to be something else—that we need to be a certain way, do certain things, earn money in a certain way—and that has led us down a path of feeling disconnected from who we really are.

That's why I offer breathwork sessions: to help you reconnect with your true self and start living an authentic life. I believe that if you know who you are at your core, it will be easier for you to find peace in this world, but if you don't know who you are at your core, it will feel like there's something missing. And then it becomes really hard to feel satisfied with what you have.

I want to give everyone who comes into my space as much love and freedom as possible through breathwork sessions and movement so they can start their journey toward feeling connected again.


We all feel abandoned by life sometimes, and it's easy to feel disconnected from others and ourselves.

Sometimes it feels like we're just floating through this world, with no real purpose or direction. We get caught up in the illusion that we don't matter, that we're not good enough, or that our dreams are unattainable and we get stuck there.

But what if you could see through those illusions? What if you could anchor yourself in a new belief and give yourself the courage to follow your dreams? That's what the Ultimate Breathing Experience does for you: I help you find a new way of seeing yourself, others, and your life so that you can move forward with confidence and joy!

The Ultimate Breathing Experience helps you realize that failure isn't permanent and you are not alone—it just means you took a wrong turn somewhere and need to find your way back before continuing on your journey. With UBE, you can start over and continue on your path towards self-improvement and fulfillment.


Being an empty nester is a time of transition. The kids are gone, and you're left with some big questions: who am I now? What will I do with all this time? How do I reclaim who I am in the world?

You could fill your time with peace and freedom using whatever modality is called for—a hobby, a dance class, a new career or business venture. Or you could choose to spend more time with your partner or close friends and family members.

Whatever you choose, it's important to remember that self-care is not selfish—it's essential!


I am a physical and energy healer who uses breath as the entry point to transform emotional trauma, trapped in the physical body. Trauma can cause insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

It can be hard to believe that your body is capable of shifting these issues with breathwork and other modalities. But I have seen it happen countless times—and it is my passion to help you experience this for yourself.

By working with me, you will learn how to:

-Release emotional trauma trapped in your physical body.

-Transform negative beliefs into positive ones that free you from fear and worry. 

-Reclaim your power over emotional pain that has been keeping you stuck in the past.



We are all born with the ability to create our own reality. That's why we were born.

To be creators.

We have this incredible tool called intuition that helps us navigate life, but we don't trust it as much as we should. Why? Because we've been conditioned to think that our intuition is not reliable and that there's always someone smarter out there who knows more than us.

But the truth is, you are your own best teacher. You know how to live your life better than anyone else does! It's time to start trusting yourself again!

Learn how to trust your intuition by training with me next year!

The 30-day intensive is a journey into and through the deepest parts of your mind, body, and spirit to access any trapped emotions and traumas yours or others, that are holding you hostage from your true potential.

Get ready to be vulnerable and uncomfortable as you expand into the unlimited potential of whom you were born to be. Every day has a lesson and practice that will acknowledge, release and let go of anything that has been hidden and will be transformed into infinite love and freedom. This gives you access to the unlimited potential that resides inside you. All that is in the way is you, take a leap of faith and get ready to fly!

For Serious & Committed Only


Unlike the Dragonfly Effect 30-day intensive, this year-long Quest gives you time to slowly uncover the layers of beauty your soul has to express. The Intensive is not for everyone as it is fast and hard, I'm guessing you are choosing this path as you want to easily and effortlessly uncover your true potential. It can be scary getting vulnerable and uncomfortable and I understand.

The UBE is a year-long Quest as you journey into and through the deepest parts of your mind, body, and spirit to access any trapped emotions, stories, and traumas; yours or others. Some of these deep-embedded emotions and stories were passed down from your ancestors and it's time to create a life that has no past holding you hostage from your true potential.

It will take courage, determination, and strength to complete this journey. This is a program designed from a lifetime of multiple traumas that have been transformed into infinite love and freedom. These are tools I’ve personally used and collected over time to assist in my determination to be free.

Free from the traps of social conditioning, free from deep emotional pain, and free to express the infinite love from The Creator into and through me for the collective to ascend into a consciousness of peace and love.

One year from now you will not recognize yourself, you will have a life you have designed with a purpose. Knowing you are here for a purpose and fulfilling your purpose is the most rewarding and freeing feeling you will ever know.

Magic shows up at every turn, you will be divinely guided, you will be filled up and overflowing with infinite love and you will have the abundant life you love and deserve.

This I know is true, I took this journey and I have created the tools to get you there faster and with less pain than I have experienced. Are you ready? The Dragonfly has whispered its time….

52 Weekly Virtual Group Sessions

$4,444 Per Year or $444 Per Month


The one-on-one IEH - Integrative Energy Healing session, is a very special experience, it is an intimate combo one-on-one session with Candace. This combo session includes Breathwork, Integrative energy healing, and food healing protocols for emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual nourishment.

Each session is divinely guided and the focus is on what your soul is asking for. Your soul knows exactly what is needed and is channeled through her to support you in moving, clearing, and cultivating your Qi/life force energy.

It is an intensive exercise to break through whatever emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages are holding you hostage from the life you love and deserve.

6 One On One Sessions

$1444 One Time


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Ultimate Breathing Experience

Candace Tranter will be facilitating the Ultimate Breathing Experience which is a journey, using the breath to access and release trapped emotional trauma.

Hydrate before hand, dress comfy, bring a yoga mat and a small blanket or jacket in case you get cold.

Space is limited to 15 per session. Please RSVP to hold your spot.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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Access Your Pure Potential Through

Integrative Energy Healing

Candace Tranter is an Integrative Energy Healer who has been practicing for 21 years, integrating multiple modalities to create the most effective and efficient transformation in the mind and body. Through her search for freedom from her own experiences of deep trauma, she has blended what she has personally used to transform her own life.

She's also certified as a level 3 qigong instructor and Ultimate Breathing Experience facilitator (UBE), and her main passion is to transform trapped emotional trauma into infinite love and freedom. Her aim is to help people identify and facilitate the release of trapped emotional energy through the body, which over time will prevent disconnect, discomfort, and dis-ease.    To help clients on this journey, Candace offers group and one-on-one Ultimate Breathing Experience sessions, 30-day intensive UBE, Dragonfly Effect workshops, and retreats are coming in the near future.

She teaches five fundamentals to build healthy Qi—prayer/gratitude, breathwork, movement, nutrition, and connection to nature and each other—that she identifies as essentials for building the life force energy we are constantly depleting. 

In Candace's signature program, attendees experience a “journey through their limiting programming” and are given tools to transform their lives into those they love and deserve. She creates a safe space for clients to open up and receive the infinite love from the creator which gives them access to their pure potential.

Follow-up weekly Ultimate mastermind Zoom calls with participants allow them to share their wins and how they are manifesting the world they want with their thoughts.

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